" If you always do what you have always done
  You will always get what you have gotten"

About The Founder:

Norman Florance founded Westpark Express Valet Parking Company on his idea as a template of guidance in providing fresh, innovative and exciting service to clients. He believed that being your  SERVICE PARTNER is different than being your vendor of choice and that we have to do something different if we want a different result. These beliefs are still the driving on mission at
Westpark Express Valet. 

Since opening his first parking lot in Palm Springs at the age of 18, Norman Florance demonstrated a passion and commitment to innovation in the parking industry.
From his single lot, and  Valet Service serving the famous and elite clientele of Palm Springs,
Mr Florance grew Westpark Express Valet to the company its became today,
the ambiance parking specialists.

Throughout his career Mr. Florance provided direct management and consultation  services to more than 400 restaurants, hotels, hospitals, country clubs, wineries and special events coordinators in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and the San Francisco Bay area.

Mr. Florance also provided consultation and expert testimony concerning parking logistics and permit and/or parking municipal commissions throughout California.

5-Star Valet Parking, Shuttle and Traffic Direction Services in San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area including Marin, Napa and Sonoma counties.

Westpark Express Valet Parking Company has provided quality services, parking management, concession operation as well as special events since 1978.  We are proud of the service standards we have set and continue to elevate in our industry.

Our corporate philosophy includes the unique position that our  primary purpose of business is the provision of quality customer service-not just parking cars.

We don't sell space or just move vehicles safely and quickly. We represent our clients' interests to the public before they even reach the front door.  We believe that our mission is outstanding customer service and the provision of that service is our primary goal.

Save 10% when you book in advance.  

Since 1978, Westpark Express Valet Parking Company has continuously provided 5-star valet and parking services to San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area.  Family-owned and under the leadership of founder Norman Florance, Westpark Express Valet has evolved from its humble Southern California roots to become a leader in ambiance parking. Westpark Express Valet delivers outstanding service to more than 250 venues annually, specializing in effective, reliable and professional traffic control, valet accommodation and fairground-style parking management.

Our mission at Westpark Express Valet is to deliver consistently superior customer service. We value the opportunity to represent you and service your guests and clientele.
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